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Parking policy

• Movement of vehicles within the car park will be assisted by the car park staff on request. Vehicles must be positioned as directed by the staff, but in the absence of direction, in such a way that parking does not interfere with the movement of other vehicles, loading and unloading.

• When you arrive back at Liszt Ferenc Airport after collecting your luggage, call the phone number you saved earlier or on your card and our colleague will arrive within 5-10 minutes to take you back to your car!

• The rules of the Highway Code apply in the parking area. The maximum speed limit is 10 km/h. The parking rules apply from the moment you pass the gate.

• Vehicles may only be stored locked in the parking area.

• The customer keeps the keys of the vehicles with him/her, and the keys can be kept by staff if required. Except last minute booking.

• Last minute booking ( 48 hours ) before the arrival date. In this case our staff can ask you for the keys of your vehicle in order to place your car in the car park.

• The operator may move the vehicles in case of force majeure or have them removed if necessary. Force majeure includes fires, natural disasters, assassinations and acts of terrorism, as well as all unforeseeable events that cannot be prevented by human intervention and under which the operator is unable to ensure the safety of persons and property.

• Checks and data recording are carried out during entry and exit.